The "Grass Capital of China" Alu Horqin Banner received a bumper harvest of 1 million mu of high-quality forage, and the output of alfalfa hay reached 500,000 tons

One million acres of high-quality forage grass in Aluhorqin Banner, known as the "Grass Capital of China", has recently ushered in the last harvest of this year. The total output of alfalfa hay in the whole flag this year can reach 500,000 tons, and the output value is expected to exceed one billion yuan.

In 2015, the planting area of ​​alfalfa in Aluhorqin Banner Pastoral Grass Industry Co., Ltd. reached 80,000 mu. In the past few days, they ushered in the third harvest period this year. At the alfalfa base, I saw dozens of harvesters, turners, and balers roaring in the endless green grass, and modern machinery huffed alfalfa, and the busy moment presented Jackie Chan's colorful picture. It is estimated that the total output of pastoral alfalfa hay in 2015 will reach 60,000 tons.

Li Xingfu, general manager of Aluhorqin Banner Pastoral Grass Industry Co., Ltd., said that up to now, all alfalfa has been harvested, covering a total area of ​​63,000 mu. After harvesting this alfalfa, the main task is to strengthen field management. It will grow faster and will have a better yield.

Aluhorqin Banner is located in the ecologically fragile zone of northern China. Due to the influence of drought and other natural factors over the years, more than 90% of 14.47 million mu of grassland has degraded to varying degrees. The construction of artificial grass pastures will be promoted quickly and contiguously. Experimental data shows that on desertified grasslands, high-quality pastures can be planted with technological and mechanized methods. The yield per mu can reach more than 800 kg, which is more than 20 times that of local natural pastures. After the development of efficient water-saving artificial grassland construction projects The vegetation coverage rate of Aluhorqin Banner has increased from less than 10% in the past to more than 95% now, and the ecological environment has improved significantly. At present, the whole banner has 20 wholly-owned enterprises including Simploo Company, China First Agriculture Group, Yasheng Pastoral Pasture Company, and Mengrass Drought Relief Company, which have planted 426,000 mu of high-quality forage grass, and 103 households have planted 78,000 mu. Seven cooperatives planted 77,400 mu, 7 cooperatives planted 68,000 mu, 699 herdsmen became owners, and 1,220 herders subcontracted pastures to enterprises to become industrial workers or invest in other industries. The various indicators and product quality of the high-quality alfalfa produced by Aqi have reached international standards. Aluhorqin Banner has become an important forage supply base for leading domestic dairy companies such as Mengniu, Yili, Sanyuan, Guangming and Huishan. This year, Aoya Group moved to Arukerqin Banner. In the first phase, two standardized dairy farming demonstration areas for 10,000 heads of dairy cows will be built in 2015. It is planned to raise 80,000 dairy cows in 5 years.