Ningxia Baiqingyuan Grass Industry

Ningxia Baiqingyuan Grass Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ningxia Baiqingyuan or the company, the company) was established by Beijing Baiqingyuan Animal Husbandry Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Beijing Baiqingyuan) in Ningxia, in 2012 It applied for registration in the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Ningxia Autonomous Region in December, 2005, with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. The main business direction is the production, processing, sales and technical services of various pasture seeds and high-quality pasture. The company has been approved by the Grassland Management Station of Ningxia Autonomous Region to obtain a legal pasture seed production license and pasture seed business license in 2013. The main situation of the company is introduced as follows:

1. Land scale and processing base

Ningxia Baiqingyuan has transferred 1123 acres of arable land so far. The transfer land is located in Weizhen Village, Gaozhuang Township, Pingluo County. It is mainly used for alfalfa seed production, oat seed production, and high-quality oat grass and silage corn production.

The company's seed processing base is located near the circulation area and covers an area of ​​3330 square meters. It was built on the collective wasteland of the tenth team of Weizhen Village, Gaozhuang Township, Pingluo County. The processing base has been approved by the Pingluo County Land and Resources Bureau before the start of construction. The processing base includes seeds The warehouse is 200 square meters, the mechanical warehouse is 150 square meters, the drying field is 1,800 square meters, and the office experiment room is 100 square meters, etc., and is equipped with basic seed cleaning and processing machinery.

2. Production of pasture seeds

According to the company’s long-term plan, we will take the production of high-quality alfalfa seeds as our basic business. At present, it is still in the experimental planting stage. There are already more than 200 mu of alfalfa seed propagation area and various methods of high-yield experiments have been conducted. The experiments that have been implemented include Different irrigation methods, different fertilization levels, different densities, and different pruning treatments, etc. The tested varieties include Zhongmu 3, Gannong 3 and Gannong 6, etc.

Feeding oat seeds will be another major forage species produced by the company. Our company’s first oat seed production started in 2015, and the introduction of Canadian high-quality feed oat varieties "Tianyan No. 1" and "Tianyan No. 2" in Pingluo Propagation experiments are carried out in the region, with a breeding area of ​​200 mu. According to the test results, this variety has good adaptability in the Pingluo area, with a seed yield of 250-300kg/mu. After the seeds are harvested, the crop can be planted with oat hay.

In addition, the company has also carried out planting trials of different pasture varieties such as silage corn, highdangrass, oats and sweet clover.

3. Comparison and display base for forage seed varieties

Since 2014, Ningxia Baiqingyuan Company has been commissioned by the Grassland Station of the Autonomous Region to establish a pasture seed display and observation base. The Grassland Management Station of the Autonomous Region has assigned the company’s display and observation tasks and allocated special funds every year. One of the bases for display comparison of varieties, mainly undertaking the task of comparison test of high-quality alfalfa varieties and annual forage varieties in the northern Ningxia irrigation area.

4. Research work

(1) Since 2014, the company has participated in the Ningxia Autonomous Region "Forage Seed Resource Innovation and New Variety Cultivation" project, and undertook the "High-yield Drought Resistance, Salt Tolerance, and High-yield Breeding of New Corn Varieties for Forage" and "Forage "Maize Breeding and Breeding" two thematic research tasks.

In 2015, Ningxia Baiqingyuan also undertook the science and technology extension project "Wenyu No. 3 Silage Corn Variety Introduction and Demonstration Extension" of the Agricultural Comprehensive Development Office of Ningxia Autonomous Region.

(2) The company inherited all the silage corn breeding work from the shareholder Beijing Baiqingyuan Animal Husbandry Technology Development Co., Ltd. The original Beijing Baiqingyuan breeding team was transferred to Ningxia Baiqingyuan, and the corresponding silage corn breeding materials were transferred More than 500 copies have been applied for registration of new varieties of silage corn to the Seed Management Station of the Autonomous Region every year since 2014.

5. Intellectual property rights

(1) The company holds the ownership of the silage corn varieties "Wenyu 3" and "Qingyuan Silage 4" originally registered by the shareholder Beijing Baiqingyuan.

(2) Receive and own the seed production and sale rights of the alfalfa variety "Zhongcao No. 5" bred by the Grassland Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

(3) Receive and own the seed production and sale rights of the alfalfa variety "Zhongmu No. 3" bred by Beijing Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Company Address: Team 10, Weizhen Village, Gaozhuang Township, Pingluo County, Ningxia Autonomous Region

Legal representative: Hu Dongliang

Phone: +86-1381065971

Person in charge of the base: Zhu Dexin

Phone: +86-18618145147